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Motoneige St-Donat



  Black mountain trail

This trail is definitely the main attraction in the Saint-Donat area. Furthermore, the Black Mountain is relatively close to the village. It’s the highest summit in this sector and the sceneries will simply blow your minds. There is so much snow on the threes that they look like sugar loafs.

For this ride and to enjoy the view, you should figure about 3 hours.

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A Canada Jay on top of Black Mountain

 Visit two summits

If you have a little more time, you may also wish to visit Mont des Cenelles. At the top, the view il also great, maybe even better. Dont’t forget your camera. You will need about 4 hours for this one.

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View from Mont des Cenelles.

 Suspended Bridge

Even if it is necessary to retrace its steps, the Suspended Bridge located in Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci remains a must. It takes about 4 hours of riding from the village of Saint-Donat.

  The grand tour

If you’re in for a good day’s ride and wish to see a lot of scenery, how about going for a lunch in Saint-Michel-des-Saint or Saint-Zénon and then back to Saint-Donat?

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